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9. Let’s Go Green

April 12, 2022

Being green is something important to the date. To proceed with the idea, there are a lot of sustainable appliances to go with.

Reducing carbon emissions from houses could be a great step. Being green matters for us and to mother earth to be a beautiful and healthier place to live on.


Energy-efficient appliances are famous for their working capabilities at low temperature and voltage requirements. Installing refrigerators, furnaces, water heaters, microwaves, and other sustainable appliances help reduce bills by half.


The pool heating systems are used to heatthe water in the pools. The system consists of a solar collector, a filter, a pump, and a flow control valve. An excellent example of a solar pool heater is the Maytronics Solar Pool Heater DX- SOLARA. It is a one-time investment, and after that, the maintenance cost is also low.


  • The type of glass and material insulation value are also very important. Windows and doors are expensive, but you want to make sure they are not going to cost you more in the long run through inefficiency. Windows and doors are also a weak point for air leakage. Make sure to have proper air sealing around these areas. You don’t want to buy good windows and install them with poor quality.

    Double pane windows are of minimum standard as far as, but triple pane is better.

    • Did you know you can recycle your energy?

      Installing an ERV or Energy Recovery Ventilator. Having exhaust fans and ducts in the home, for example in bathrooms, the ERV can use the heat from the exhaust to preheat or precool the air being brought into home.

      Preheat the air in the winter or precool the air in the summer with an ERV to reduce energy usage on your HVAC. Benefit- it doesn’t mix the exhaust air with the new air! It just uses the heat from the exhaust.

    • Solar hot water is a system for heating water using the Sun. It can be installed on your roof and can heat your water. There are two basic types of solar water heating. Active system uses pumps, and passive system does not. This will reduce energy expenses and is a great feature for energy efficient house designs.

      Opting out of solar hot water, another option is to use tankless water heaters or instant hot water. These use less energy, and they heat up instantly, so no need to let the water run until it gets hot.

    • Mini split heating and air conditioning units are incredibly popular right now because of their efficiency and ability to control a home in separate zones. These systems have a condenser outside the house and at least 1 unit in each room inside the house.

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