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Add-on to our story

We will add few more pages to our website. The introductory page will say that our site serves to accumulate, accumulate, and analyze ideas and innovations in green and smart homes. A lot of functionality has already available in this area on our website. Then we plan to extend our innovation on the double search for preferences to the entire United States, adding green and smart search parameters to it. If anyone does such a double search with the added green and smart parameters, it will be an innovation worthy of significant funding and publications in the serious press. Since we do not have real green and smart on our site yet (we are planning to market it soon to green brokers and the public), we can do a demo search with demo data, just as we did for our current page for Suggestor

That new page will contain: 

1. Section of publications of innovations. In this section, we will publish a white paper on the double search for preferences with aspects of green and smart attributes and analyze the benefits of this technology when extended to the entire United States. 

2. A section where users can post links to other people's unique articles on green and smart housing. 

3. A large forum where specialists will communicate on this topic utilizing modern communication tools. 

4. Company blog, where our team, as the significant inspirer of all this, will share our thoughts, receive comments, and respond to them. We can also attract other caring professionals to the blog on a volunteer basis. Engaging volunteers is essential, as the topics can create a lot of activity, which will both attract attention and help promote the site. If all this is done, we will have a unique project to which there is nothing close in the WORLD (as far as our research done), especially considering such a modified double search for preferences. Investors would be interested since such uniqueness for some investors will be attractive even without the factor of making a profit – it will point to other worthy opportunities.

Since it is difficult to enter any additional parameters in a double search for preferences, the idea of the weight function that we had implemented in Suggestor will help here – utilizing the percentage of the ideal home displayed there. Next, in the demo module of the dual search for preferences with green and smart parameters, we will make a BIG WELL VISIBLE CHECKBOX that will INCLUDE THE PARAMETERS OF GREEN AND SMART IN SEARCH. Then from the double weight function that works in the current dual search for preferences, we will make a triple weight function, where the third part will be the percentage of the ideal house as in Suggestor.

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