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  • Through our innovative technology Improve user ability to buy, sell, or action real estate
  • Establish Green and Smart practices for homeowners interested in sustainable, realistic living
  • Reach to green brokers to create a repository of green and smart homes
  • Use our application for networking between homeowner communities and green/innovative industries

Who are we?

Green Expectations is a real estate green and smart houses software developer and broker in New Jersey. It is a company with the idea of bringing the green and intelligent house's keys to customers' hands, thus protecting the world far from already present climate change. As the company's mission, we provide a roadmap to a healthy and sustainable independent environment for homeowners. 

Our Roadmap

Green Expectation will show how to make homeowner property an environmentally friendly, climate-neutral home. We want to help homeowners find their perfect energy-efficient and cost-effective home with innovation and unique property searches. We want to partner with other active brokers to spread the green and intelligent know-how to New Jersey homeowners in the short term and expand it later on in the rest of the USA and internationally.                                   

We care for the planet by identifying environmental impacts in homes. We're asking homeowners to use our Suggester and Calculator reports to identify and reduce the ecological footprint of each home maintenance lifecycle.

Save Planet Strategy

While our software doesn't mass-produce physical products or operate data centers, our software still has environmental impacts — and we're working to minimize them. Besides improving conventional real estate processes, we set ambitious targets to mitigate the homeowner's carbon footprint through our first Save Planet strategy.

Our main goal is to attract attention to our website. Save Planet modules are an integral part of our marketing and communications strategy. Once homeowners are on our website, they'll want to build a roadmap to more energy-efficient and independent living that they will keep, own, and control. 

As we grow, we continue to think about sustainability in all aspects of homeownership. We also find meaningful ways to connect with homeowners, communities, and industries on home sustainability issues. And we'll find ways to position our resources to support our local communities.

Our Challenges 

How do we help fight the climate crisis? We know that homeowners play a significant part in reducing pollution. But it is not a priority for many at this moment in our history. But reducing carbon footprint via climate-friendlier lifestyle choices is undoubtedly essential. Individual homeowner acts alone won't stop the climate crisis, but we can do things. 

Here is our Plan

Approach other green brokers nationwide and possibly internationally to create a unique database independent of local real estate laws for green and smart homes

  • Introduce and implement innovative technologies for buyers, sellers, agents, and others interested in real estate. 
  • Educate and help homeowners interested in converting their current dwelling into a sustainable, clean energy home and building a socially and environmentally responsible supply chain that emphasizes homeowner's wellbeing. 
  • Climate change is the biggest injustice that we're visiting upon future generations, the people who will have to live with the dregs of what we've enjoyed. We think we can pass something better than sediment of good living to our kids with our approach and technology by creating a valuable model for any entity interested and willing to implement processes identified in our current website.

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