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Our Project

December 12, 2020

About Our Project (draft)

Today's real-estate market poses an exciting challenge: is there a formula for matching the right home buyer with the suitable home seller properties at the correct prices? Someone who will build accurate home matching services will prevail.  Our software attempts to improve home discovery services by coming up with an answer to the most pressing question that home buyers ask: "What does my dream house look like?". Additionally, we might help them answer a follow-up question: "Which compromises make sense?"

We think that our technology will help real-estate buyers, sellers, and investors. Brokers utilize a significant amount of information within the industry to find dream homes for their clients.

In a nutshell, our application brings a few essential innovations for real estate users:

  • unique Preference Search with the ability to take into account many important to user property attributes, including Favorite Locations 
  • the ability to select objects users like in the search results and then work only with them and the possibility of several iterations with such filtering of the items users want 
  • Pre-Sale Matches which allow both buyers and sellers to Pre-Buy or Pre-Sale their properties before actual commitment
  • online auctions under Buyer, Seller, or Agent control 
  • This SEO-bot is another originality of the project.

For details can you check textual help with videos inside of actual website https://GreenExpectations.Us

For more information, please contact Boris at borisp@comcast.net or call 201-320-2241

Currently, a majority of properties on our Website are from Garden State MLS of New Jersey. Besides GSMLS, Show Non-MLS and Show Sold are available for your convenience.

Our innovative and unique triple search is available for you to try to find the most suitable property.

The sellers can quickly and easily post full property information or Use Pre-Sale Match to evaluate the Buyer's interest.


There are many functions for the Buyer on our Website, including unique ones, which will allow him/her to quickly and comfortably find the home of his/her dreams.

See and save liked

You can select the houses you like in the search results and then work only with them. Any number of such iterations is possible, that is, choosing the best ones from the favorites.

Buyer Notes

You can make notes regarding your property search on our Website, any messages you want. You can insert photos into these notes, format the text, change its color, etc.

Personal Area

Here you can save the objects you like and any search queries. Keeping several items you want at once is possible in one click.


Communicate with the Seller directly and choose the website agent or Administrator. Use our unique triple Search Components (Preference Search and Add Your Favorite Locations) to help you compromise or make the best decision you can make.

Use Pre-Buy to for automatic Match with properties using your criteria.

Use Auction; you might get lucky and strike an excellent property less expensive.

Here the significance of specific parameters of the property for the Buyer is set. This significance is expressed and subjectively determined by the Buyer using each particular parameter's weight concerning other parameters. This weight can be between 0 and 100 percent. Zero means that this parameter is not essential for the Buyer. One hundred percent means that this parameter is the most important for the Buyer. The user can set ANY weights for any number of parameters in any combination. Including, he can set 100 for two or more parameters. Fine-tuning such parameters, which is easy to master in a few tries, will result in real estate shown in the search results in optimal descending order. The houses that are most suitable for the Buyer going first. The greater the parameter weight, the higher the objects that have this parameter more in the search result.


There are many opportunities for the Seller on our Site to sell their property quickly and at the best price.

Seller's form

The Seller's form can be filled out quickly, both in detail and with the minimum required information. Drop-down lists allow you to select different parameters of the property soon.


  • Publish your listings, pre-screen your buyers as your wish, invite an agent to help you out. 
  • Use Pre-Sale to match with potential buyers automatically. 
  • If you are a flipper, you can use our Website to sell or buy investment properties (Auction, Pre-Sale Match).

Quick Search

You can set ranges of prices, bedrooms, baths, years from built and sorts in descending and ascending order by these parameters in this search. You can also see only sold homes and non-MLS homes.


Besides Garden State MLS properties, this function allows anyone to sell their properties. We think that flippers, agents with properties outside of Garden State MLS would be able to post their information there.


Here we publish sold Garden State MLS properties. For some reason, the management of GSMLS doesn't allow us to post sold property pictures, but it could change soon.

Preference Search

Here you can set your preferences (priorities) for different parameters of real estate. For example, if the number of rooms is much more important to you than the price, then the search results will be sorted in this order.

Add Favorite Places

Local insights such as your favorite location, now available and are scored for ease of comparison.

Pre-Sale Match

Another crucial step in residential real-estate is property valuation. Automated Valuation Models are as old as the industry itself, given the task of evaluating properties and establishing pricing schemes. Traditionally, these models were mostly based on historical sales data. However, models relying on past behavior only are missing out on a lot of other data sources.

On our Website, we introduce partial seller property information to a pool of potential buyers who expressed a specific interest in their Dream property. If there is a match, both the Seller and Buyer will communicate and decide if there is a match. At any time, both Buyer and Seller will access our broker for a free consultation.


This Match Form is intended to search for real estate, information about which is posted by the Sellers registered on this Website. There you can set the parameters of the property you need and communicate with Sellers. Use Pre-Buy to for automatic Match with properties using your criteria.


Here you can choose potential buyers interested in a property like yours, including by communicating in private chats with them.


Here you can quickly buy a property without lengthy negotiations about it. It would help if you won the Auction.


The detailed help, including a contextual one with multiple videos where is needed, will help you quickly understand the functionality of the Site.

Contact Agent

You can always contact our Agent for any questions, and he will give you detailed advice or answer any of your questions. 


The business model suggested the following pricing features (users will be able to use the Website without paying anything, but if additional services are needed, the choices are):

  • Monthly Seller Subscription $10 
  • Add to MLS $35 per month
  • Hot Deals and Blog Feature $35 per month
  • Hire Our Agent – pricing list from 1% plus based on the number of services
  • License our software to other brokerages: we will use their databases and criteria and, if needed, maintain it. The license fee is TBD.

Save The Planet

As a user or subscriber to our website, you will choose to look for green and smart attributes in a home when you search for a house. Many homeowners already installed solar roofs, added intelligent devices in their homes or did more updates that make their house green and smart. For example, some of those homeowners are already saving money on electricity, etc. 

We've added some instructive examples about Green and Smart house improvement possibilities. Information is available on varieties of equipment and building methods used to build or enhance homeowner property. We've included the link to eStore to browse and buy green and smart gadgets and search for available green and/smart properties. If your house is already updated with clean energy attributes like solar roof or other, please add your name to our pledge form. 


New property

The New Property section is a news feed with new houses. Moreover, it can be sorted by price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as years of construction.


As a Buyer or Seller, or Agent, you are in complete control of all items in the process of buying, selling, and administration.

What is next?

We will listen to everything in real-estate innovations: increased data availability, advancements in data processing capabilities, and the ubiquity of machine learning algorithms. They all make it possible to tackle the most challenging applications in an intelligent, automated, and error-free manner.

If our current version is successful, we will add many other innovative functions; we are working on the potential list. 

Boris1 Poki. December 18, 2020, at 18:34:40
Very important innovations, worth to explore further.

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