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Our unique services such as allow you to find your dream home on your own. But our agents can take over all the work of finding a property for you. They themselves will look for houses and communicate with their sellers. You just have to approve or disapprove of the options they proposed. You can immediately contact our Agent for consultation on this matter. For more information, click on the sign of the question mark ⇒

The cost of this service is $1.00.

Buyer payments help

You also can contact our Agent on the , and he will explain in detail the essence of this service. If you pay for this service before getting an agent, he will contact you himself using your contact information you entered when registering on our Website.

You can also contact him through the form that opens from the main menu:

To pay, just click on the "Payment for finding your house" button below, and then choose a payment method convenient for you. The payment amount has already been entered there automatically.

If you have already made payments on our Website, you can view your payment history by clicking on the "History of your payments" button.

The following video below illustrates payment and other functions of this module:

History of your payments

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