Why Should a Real Estate Broker Join RESO?

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The mission of the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) is to create and promote the adoption of standards that drive efficiency throughout the real estate industry. RESO has more than 725 active members, including the NAR, multiple-listing services (MLSs), real estate associations, real estate brokerages and industry technology providers.

How does a Brokerage benefit?

 Certification is a Member Benefit – Certification is included with your membership, and RESO Certification Program is the real estate industry’s seal of data excellence. For real estate brokers, industry data standardization reduces future technology costs and speeds up your ability to expand into new markets.

You get a seat at the table – Brokers can help shape the future of new standards that impact their businesses directly by participating in one of several RESO Workgroups. This allows your voice to be heard in person at RESO Conferences and online/call-in monthly meetings throughout the year.

Brokers become an industry insider – Key executives and technical leads from top MLS firms, leading MLS vendors, and the hottest real estate tech firms that interact with listing data attend RESO Conferences. You can share issues, concerns, ideas, and business needs that specifically relate to real estate brokerages data issues.

Improve your technology – Brokerages overall lag in deploying current data standards, such as the RESO Data Dictionary. Joining RESO gives helps you tap some of the industry’s most knowledgeable experts allowing you to improve what you are doing through better technology and implementing RESO Standards.

Get an inside look at what’s coming next – You’ll learn about new standards – and trends they create – well before they are ever released. Being part of RESO Conferences offers insight you won’t find through membership with any other real estate group.

Access to the best minds in the business – Joining RESO means attending RESO Conferences, which attract the brightest and the best minds in the business. These close-knit meetings give you exceptional networking opportunities that you won’t find at other real estate conferences. Joining RESO exposes your brokerage leadership to a deeper understanding of important data trends and rules.

What can RESO mean to your brokerage?

 Real world problems, solutions shared. Industry standards are a vital component to drive real estate technology innovation that will directly benefit your brokerage. Every real estate brokerage technology that interfaces with MLS data – your IDX websites, your apps, your marketing technology, your CRM — all benefit from the efforts of RESO.

More importantly, real estate brokerages often share similar challenges in dealing with MLS data, challenges that can be alleviated through your involvement in RESO. Real estate brokers today know that data is also your destiny, and brokers need to play a direct role in helping shape these new data standards by sharing their points of view. That’s why RESO membership for leading real estate brokerage owners and franchise executives has become an industry imperative.

By joining RESO, your brokerage can gain a competitive advantage by staying well informed about technology standards and help steer where the real estate industry is heading next.

Join today! 

Real Estate Brokers can join RESO online at http://www.reso.org/join.

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