Introductory Notes

As a company, we are in a process of establishing very profitable relationships with our customer by staying away from peddling the same commodity as our bigger brethren. It is our software platform and individual, customizable service. Our software platform allows us to do a superior job of understanding our customer specific needs. As a company we seek to accelerate our customer cycle times and save them money.  Differentiating ourselves in this way, as an agent of our customer success, will prove to be a brilliant strategy in a crowded real estate market.

We will tailor our service to fit the customer’s mode of operation. We will provide many specializations that our competitors won’t even discuss with their customers. We will try to become an extension of each customer’s business operation by paying close attention to customer need. We’ll develop a kind of flexibility that goes a long way toward attracting worldwide customers and building their loyalty.

In a relatively short time, we will develop understanding of how the customer companies operates and details of its needs. We will offer our customers a kind of practical partnership that can do both of us good, which means we can help each of our partners become a faster-service organization. Such approach will allow us to replicate best practices and reduce overall cost for our partners and our company.

What is already built and ready for production:

Our application is designed as a permanent place for digital jobs for everyone involved in real estate transactions; other real estate websites are created to process a one-time deal for buyers and sellers. The Platform is geared toward:

  • National and International Real Estate Brokers and Agents who are interested to use this application to fully conduct or augment their regular jobs.
  • Real Estate Eco/Green and Smart Properties brokers and agents.
  • For National and International home buyers and sellers: individuals, real estate investors, and financial institutions.
  • Professionals (lawyers, insurance, mortgage, financial, title agents, real estate agents and brokers, etc.). It is predicted that the need for such professionals will increase in a “buyer’s 2017” market.
  • Service contractors and real estate related service representatives, and advertisers.


Our main website



Our mobile application as add-on for main application users


Our main blog (used for fresh content, CRM and leads generation):


Social Media websites (Facebook) – thousands of followers. We are following double amount of followers.


Social Media Sites (Twitter) Tweets – 6,182 Followng 26.5K, Followers – 30.9K


Social Media Websites (Google +) – 442 followers and we are in tens of thousands communities.

Social Media Websites – Linkedln – 80 active followers

How we will generate revenue?

Our business model has several revenue streams.

  • Our real estate partners (signed up with us worldwide real estate brokers and agents will collect “application usage” subscription money from their local professionals. We will work with each country separately.
  • In USA territories and some other countries, we’ll charge subscription fees of $10 per month to sellers, service contractors, real estate agents and related professionals.
  • Home owners (FSBO) can list their home on the MLS of their choice for total of $35 a month. If a property is sold without our participation, we’ll collect $175 additionally. We’ll get referral fees from sold referred homes in addition to buyer or seller leads.
  • Our dedicated real estate agents will charge FSBO homeowners a 2.5% real estate commission. We are planning to receive ancillary revenue from leads generation, eco/green and smart e-store products sales and advertisement.

We anticipate base annual gross revenue of over $100 million in five years. Initial Public Offering (IPO) is one of the exit strategies.

Eventually, we will be close in amount of revenue collected to USA major real estate service and data providers, such as,, and

Potential Sales

  • Using our proprietary technology, we’ve extracted 31 thousand properties from GSMLS (Garden State Multiple Listings).
  • We have a contract with Kwan Realty to sell 133 condos in Phuket Thailand. Please see attached THE MARKETING AND SALES PLAN FOR THE PIXELS, THAILAND (PHUKET) and Valuation Asset Report for those units from Kwan Realty. Kwan Realty has hundreds more properties across Asia in valuable locations.
  • We are planning a large CRM campaign to invite real estate brokers to join us and form partnerships, see attached Invitation to Real Estate Brokers and Agents brochure.

Company Management and Stuff

Company upper management comprised of real estate broker with 35 years of diverse experience, technology architect with 30 years of business experience in developing worldwide applications, and artificial intelligence guru with 15 years of statistical and analytical experience.

Additional stuff includes: Programming: 3 top notch programmers, web graphic designer and QA tester.

Marketing: 2 social media managers and CRM person.

Content: We have 4 content writers who are developing daily fresh content for our main blog, social media sites and properties for sale worldwide.

Sales: we are in process of discussing partnership with many brokers in USA and Internationally.


We have filed and received a provisional patent (Application Number 61478661) for “Method of Searching objects in a large pool according to customer preferences”.

Our current real estate application of this patent is a system and method that offers clients a means to go through a multi-stage interview process in order to learn the consumer preferences among the universe of hypothetical products belonging to certain domain. Each stage of the process is made transparent and simple for the client, so that he/she could easily answer the questions as accurate and fast as possible. The client is offered to go through multiple interviews devoted to different aspects of consumer perception of ideal product. The goal of each interview is to take the client through the series of real-life decisions and learn the behavior model of the client, i.e. to learn the logic of consumer decision-making process such as why the client prefers certain products over alternative ones. The specific aspects as well as interviews themselves depend on the product domain.

What is Next

Besides improving dramatically on our current real estate application (we have a list of add-on’s that include artificial intelligence module and other worthy improvements), we can apply the same approach to other applications like health, HR, etc. We will be able to reuse 70-80% of already available source code and database design.  We have enough expertise and developers to take on any task.


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