Home Staging Tips for Spring Curb Appeal

As winter has taken its cold and snow away, it’s time to make your home’s curb appeal a welcoming place for the visitors. Very often the first Impression is the last impression, and very often buyers judge the home right from the curb. Spring is the best season to impress buyers with your homes’ curb appeal with its fascination. Put much effort for the great curb appeal, because if a home has curb appeal that means it is attractive to the eye. Besides, thanks to its positive effect, a great curb appeal helps to sell a home faster. Follow the Curb Appeal tips and add dollars to your house’s final selling price.

Tip #1- Make a list: 

Examine the outside of your home from a street perspective. What do you notice first? First of all, you need to list everything you see that could have a negative effect on a potential buyer. Is your front door colorless and unappealing? Do large overgrown shrubs hide your beautiful house? Are there fallen leaves and debris on your lawn? Does your porch need to be decorated with plants and flowers? Is your room in good condition?

Tip #2-A welcoming door

Your front door can make a big impact on the beauty and curb appeal of your home. After a long winter bright front door color can refresh and beautify even an old house exterior and add charm to the house design and front yard landscaping. In spring colorful elements create spectacular contrasts with green colors of leaves and grass. Choose the best spring color for your front door which fits your house exterior and design. Don’t forget about accessories. New locks, door handles, and new house numbers are pleasant to the eye, improving curb appeal. Hanging metal or wood door signs and flower baskets are easy and inexpensive, as well as very effective ways to give a style to your front door decoration.


Tip #3- Porch decorations: 

If you have a porch, you can decorate it, turning a porch into an attractive outdoor room that feels like a peaceful retreat and creates a nice space to relax. Since it is one of the first areas seen, it sets the tone and establishes the atmosphere for the visitors. The simpler and more relaxing it is, the more welcoming your porch will be. Everyone thinks of flowers when they think of spring. So lining your front porch steps with some colorful flowers is a lovely idea. Transform your front porch into a warm and inviting entryway by hanging a beautiful spring wreath on your door, or you can hang a bucket with flowers instead of a wreath. Use an old toolbox and turn it into a planer. Celebrate the return of warm weather with beautiful arrangements of spring flowers and make an unforgettable impression on the visitors. Decorate your porch with green plants, with nice benches or chairs, with small tables. Bring the season of spring into the porch by placing flowers in containers, which would bring a new life and energy to any space. If you have a small porch you can use vertical planters.

Tip #4- Time to landscape and decorate your yard: 

Give your yard a fresh look. Rake up the leaves you missed from fall. Clean up debris such as fallen trees, branches, etc. Check the bushes and trees if they need pruning. Trim low hanging branches so they do not get on the way for the view. Neatly edge your lawn as it fits your home style. Upgrade your flower beds, make them clear of weeds. Put in some perennial flowers which will make the yard more inviting and more alive. Planting a tree is a great idea to add curb appeal to the house. If you have enough space, you can plant two trees to frame your house or your entryway. It would be great if you plant a flowering tree for the spring color. The blossoms from flowering trees offer a colorful and post-winter display. Don’t forget to accessorize the other areas in your yard that could impress buyers. Consider updating an
outdoor living or dining area with new pillows, cushions or a rug. Think about adding more light to define and enhance the space or even add a fireplace to set the mood that buyers can enjoy this area under the stars even on cool nights. 


Tip # 5- De-clutter your living area: www.JustClose.com (1)

De-cluttering is an important step when staging a home for sale. You should remove anything that gets in the way a beneficial first impression for the potential buyer. When space is clutter-free, everything is more inviting and more relaxing. If you have children or dogs, it is likely that you have some extra clutter to deal with when trying to clear up the yard. Hide children’s toys, dogs’ toys, and dogs’ supplies in a storage box. Store garbage cans in the garage or hide them with some decorations. Organize what you can throw everything that you don’t need to keep – broken pots, one left garden glove, steel claws without handles, broken trellis, a collection of shoes near the front door,- all of those should be cleared away. Leave only a few things which are aesthetically pleasing and which would give buyers ideas for how space could be used.

Tip # 6- Check the house from the roof line down: 

Inspect the roof as best as you can. If it looks to be in a poor condition, replace it. If
it just needs repair, has any broken or missing shingles replaced. Repair all flashing. It’s best to hire a professional roofing company to inspect and do all repairs. Check all the windows from outside. Look for cracked or broken glass, chipped paint. Repair and replace as needed. Clean all the windows as the
y sparkle. Make them free from obstructions such as overgrown bushes or trees. Pay attention to your driveway and sidewalk, if they are soiled or are grimy, power washes them.

BY: Susanna Petrosyan


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