Disruption Strategy by JustClose.com

Using JustClose.com application reverses the way we have been trained to think about real estate. Instead of making users conform to current buying and selling process driven by brokers, application hands control to the buyer and seller.

Real Estate industry practice of providing services to buyers and sellers as the only available option instead has become a point of contention, due to availability less expensive alternatives. In most of the times, broker will not disclose availability of less expensive options.

Just imagine, this is quite remarkable — an entire property buying or selling process miraculously can be done by outsider.

Just Close

Such outsider vote of confidence will be especially notable given the savings and flexibility application provides.

There are other values in JustClose.com; all the jobs that attorneys, mortgage specialists, and other real estate professionals will be able to apply for.

What is missing from the current real estate conversation, is why not to introduce less expensive but effective full virtual process to so many millions of people? Using JustClose.com, it is also possible that brokers will be able to supplement their services using application thus reducing their own costs.

Large real estate professional organizations may not be the only ones advising not to use less expensive applications. Such organizations are companies that control which areas are covered and negotiate discounts (if any) for each property. In some cases, restrictive contracting, deter sellers from being properly represented and sufficiently reimbursed.

Many real estate professionals (attorneys, mortgage, etc.) may stick with large real estate organizations because they receive actual leads. But that can leave consumers paying for costly commissions when less-expensive options like JustClose.com are available and most of real estate professionals will be able to make more money using application.

There is a strong possibility that JustClose.com will become an increasingly popular application for their role in reducing real estate transaction costs. Brokers as go-betweens’ pocket commissions instead of sharing them with customers and reducing customers’ settlement costs. One example is Redfin, but there still points of improvements.

JustClose.com approach may have the immediate impact of reducing the costs of these transactions, the net result is an even playing field for everyone involved. Potentially this will lead to reduced compensation initiated by real estate organization but in the long-run using JustClose.com will allow brokers and all other real estate professionals to earn more.

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