5 Spring Home Maintenance Projects That Can Preserve and Refresh Your Home

The days are growing longer and the nights are getting shorter, and this can only mean that spring is right around the corner. However, if you have not taken care of some simple spring home maintenance, you could be setting yourself up for major issues once the seasons begin to change. So, before you start to make plans for spring, make sure you put these crucial projects and repairs on your home maintenance “to-do” list.


Clean Out and Repair Your Gutters


If you want to prevent roof damage and protect your home during those April showers, you need to make sure your gutters are in working order. Grab a ladder and look to see if any leaves or debris are blocking your gutters from draining properly. If you notice any holes or major damage to your gutters, you may need to replace them. This is a project you can definitely complete on your own, so long as you plan properly and have the right tools on hand. Owning a quality cordless drill, like this one from Dewalt, will help you get new gutters up and take care of so many other spring tasks around your home.


Change Out and Replace Any Filters


As winter comes to an end, your flowers and plants will begin to bloom. All of that color can be breathtaking. However, if you don’t change your filters on time, all that pollen could leave your family struggling to breathe. You may have changed your filters recently, but if not, you should definitely swap them out before you turn on your air conditioner for the first time. In addition to timing, it’s also important to get your filter size right. Use this guide to find any filter size you need so you can be ready for rising temperatures in spring.

Inspect Irrigation Fixtures, Hoses, and Equipment


Back outside, it’s important for you to check your hoses and irrigation systems. Freezing temps and winter weather can do a number on hoses, so you may need to replace sections before turning your irrigation system on. Of course, be sure to shut off your water supply before attempting any repairs to eliminate leaks and waste. If you are in the market for a new system, think about a waterwise setup to help save on summer watering costs. These smart watering systems can also help your lawn look more lush with less effort from you.


Check Your Roof for Leaks and Signs of Winter Damage


In addition to your hoses and sprinklers, winter weather can also cause issues with your roof. You can generally spot roof damage with a thorough inspection. Look for any signs that materials may have been weakened by winter storms, and also check for indications that animals may have taken refuge during the colder months. If you do see signs that a squirrel or other creature has been nesting in your attic or roof, you will need to arrange to have it removed in addition to making necessary structural repairs.


Do a Deep Cleaning, Both Inside and Outside Your Home

Now that you’ve taken care of some maintenance and repair items, it’s time to focus on getting your home back in shape for spring. Start by cleaning up your yard. Rake up any leftover leaves or debris and dispose of them properly. Also, be sure to walk around your lawn and garden to check for dead plants, as well as damaged trees. If you notice any weakened or damaged tree limbs, trim them before they fall or cause further damage. The inside of your home will need some care as well, but if family members have allergies, take special care with spring cleaning. Wash fabric and upholstery in hot water, if possible, and thoroughly clean bedding.

Don’t let spring catch you by surprise. Make plans to take care of these basic post-winter projects before the season begins. By spending a little time on seasonal home maintenance, you can save yourself a lot of stress and financial headache in the future. And by checking these items off your list now, you can enjoy more time having fun when spring arrives!


By: Clara Beaufort

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