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In 2019, the global value of real estate was estimated to be $217 trillion – roughly 2.7 times the GDP of the entire world. International real estate consumes approximately 40% of world energy annually and accounts for more than 20% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

That highlights the real estate industry's contribution to helping achieve the Paris Agreement goal of limiting global warming to well below two °C from pre-industrial levels.

Source: www.spglobal.com

Our Motivation

There is no Planet B!' Earth is the only planet we have, and it's time we get down to protect it. Currently, global warming and related environmental effects are the primary threat.

What if we told you the most impactful way to curb climate change starts at home?

Building or converting your homes to be green and sustainable helps reduce CO2 emissions, waste, and energy significantly. 

Green homes provide environmental benefits alone, bringing economic and social benefits. Many may want to make changes to their living and make their homes green and smart but may get lost in knowing how to do so. That's where we come in.  With our help, homeowners will have less stress and more solutions.

Why Work with Us?

If you believe in science and are alarmed at what's happening to our climate every day, then help us with our mission to decarbonize the housing world by showing homeowners how to save the planet for current and future generations.

This application is great for a real estate investor passionate about the only planet we have to join us on this profitable venture.

About Green Expectations, LLC.

Green Expectations, LLC is a broker company that has begun building a platform to establish a connection between buyers and sellers of emerging green and smart houses.


Our founder, Boris Pokidaylo, knows technology's power to make our environment greener and better. A former Vice-President of Technology at a large international insurance company, he has seen firsthand how technology can change our world.

Green Expectations is on a mission to help homeowners elevate a traditional house into a green and smart home. We serve as a liaison to present intelligent, eco-friendly products and innovative green technologies at our customers' fingertips. The website has made smart products and green technologies one click away. The company's vision is to assist consumers in finding their ideal green property while collaborating with other active green brokers and industries to disseminate green technology to conventional homes.

Our company's role is to provide the content that will bring the best resources and suggestions for creating sustainable housing to potential buyers, existing homeowners, brokers, and communities. The website assists the user in navigating the different options, ideas, and solutions to obstacles with present and future green and smart houses. We're in the process of reaching out to certified green brokers and potential partners to collaborate with the Green Expectations team, as they share the same sustainability goals.

Website www.GreenExpectations.US

This website will help homeowners reduce their environmental impact, lower energy bills, make a house more marketable, and often even qualify for various tax cuts and credits.

Smart homes are also trendy, so homeowners can expect these technologies to help a property stand out when it's time to sell.

The website was tested in real-time with over 30.000 homes for over one year. We're using GSMLS (Garden State MLS of North NJ database), so just those zip codes are available for review. At this point, it can be used as a real estate application with a conventional database, all green and smart database, or any type or combination.

The Goal

The real estate industry has a huge opportunity to be an extraordinary catalyst for leading the USA in this fight to save our planet.

Our main goal is to gradually replace the conventional MLS-based database with green and smart homes. We can do it anywhere in the USA

Green Expectations will bring together homeowners, realtors, and like-minded peers aiming to create best practices for achieving Net Zero for the residential community. As the climate crisis grows direr each day and the world begins to focus on the real estate industry's role as the largest emitter of greenhouse gasses, there is no greater urgency to gather the world's leading professionals and homeowners to tackle this existential threat. Green Expectations inspires collaboration, stimulates tangible ideas, and develops actionable insights to help accelerate the race to sustainable housing.

The Method
Our Suggestor (https://greenexpectations.us/suggestor.php) examples focus on critical climate challenges; it will mobilize homeowners and their communities and possibly industries to share their outlook, insights, and plans relating to the most urgent climate issues impacting the real estate sector. 
Our application is designed to create actionable outcomes in the most sustainable homes.

For More Details

Almost every global sector is expected to transform dramatically in the coming decades. How can we facilitate and accelerate homeownership transformation? To answer that question, we've created a real estate application with unique features like double home search, among many others. A large part of our program introduces steps required for implementing and sharing the best practices and personal experiences gathered during their work on homeowner transition processes toward sustainable living in support of climate change.


We want to introduce our software program for your consideration for a potential investment. The program is written in-house by top analysts and programmers.

As a founder of Green Expectations, LLC, I'd love to hear your thoughts on our latest ideas – which idea will you try first?

If you're interested in doing something like this together, I'd love to talk more; please feel free to contact me via email at boris@greenexpectations.US

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